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English language learning
Assessing the Effects of Funds of Identity on L2 Learners’ Willingness to Read E-books

Afsar Rouhi; Afsaneh Saeedakhtar; Behrooz seifi; Reza Abdi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 03 May 2024


  Objective: This study explores the effect of recruiting topics valued by students along with the interest-igniting mode of reading texts, collectively framed as funds of identity, on willingness to read. Methods: To this end, three groups of students were recruited. Over a 17-session experiment, all ...  Read More

English language teaching
A Study of Quality and Quantity of Nominal Groups in the Vision and Interchange Series

Reza Abdi; Vali Mohammadi; Maryam Amani

Volume 16, Issue 33 , June 2024, , Pages 359-372


  Materials evaluation plays an important role in language teaching as it helps practitioners to develop an awareness of the coverage and quality of the existing materials and as such, guides most instruction and revision decisions. Therefore, we sought to evaluate three English Vision textbooks exclusively ...  Read More

Metadiscourse strategies in Persian research articles; Implications for teaching writing English articles

Tohid Siami; Reza Abdi

Volume 4, Issue 9 , December 2012, , Pages 165-176

  In order to develop an understanding of the rhetorical conventions in the Persian language and to find out the metadiscursive cultural norms of Iranian writers in their native language writings, it is necessary to probe into the implicit rhetorical features of academic writing which has so far eluded ...  Read More

Avoiding Prolixity in Academic Prose; the Use of Quantity Metadiscourse in Research Articles

Reza Abdi

Volume 3, Issue 7 , December 2011, , Pages 1-17

  As part of a wider attempt to bestow the spirit of scholarly prose upon the research articles’ rhetorical structure, academic writers invariably take advantage of quantity metadiscourse markers to avoid prolixity and live up to the implicit and explicit maxims of quantity category as suggested ...  Read More

Projecting Cultural Identity through Metadiscourse Marking; A Comparison of Persian and English Research Articles

Reza Abdi

Volume 1, Issue 212 , December 2008, , Pages 1-15

  Writing projects are socially-situated identities. The rhetorically-loaded aspects of writing, like metadiscourse marking, are more prone to carry such identities. Through analyzing metadiscourse strategies employment in Persian and English (as the lingua franca of academic discourse community) research ...  Read More