Article acceptance process

Steps to submit and publish an article:

  1. Careful reading and consideration of the Instructions for Authors.
  2. Registration on the publication site ( and receiving a username and password.
  3. Uploading the article to the database with the requested format and uploading other files, including the figure(s), table(s), name(s), and profile(s) of the authors separately.
  4. Initial control of the article in the journal office to check formatting, citation, arrangement of references, quality of figures and tables, etc.
  5. General review of the article by the specialized secretary (in a month).
  6. Proposing the article in the editorial board meeting and deciding on assigning a reviewer (in case the conditions for review are met: the originality of the subject, having a scientific framework, achieving new results, etc.).
  7. Sending the article to the reviewer(s).
  8. Announcement of the result by the reviewer(s) to the office of the journal (in a month).
  9. Sending comments to the author for minor or major revision (in case corrections are requested by the reviewer(s)).
  10. Sending the article to the editor for literary editing in case of acceptance.
  11. Pagination of the article by the technical specialist.
  12. Scheduling the article for publication (in a few months after receiving the submission).
  13. Publishing the article.