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The Effect of Transcribing on Beginning Learners’ Phonemic Perception

Mohammad Afshar Rad; Aram Reza Sadeghi Benis

Volume 6, Issue 13 , September 2014, Pages 1-14

  A large number of studies dealing with phonology have focused their attention on phonological production at the expense of phonological perception which provides the foundation stone for phonological production. This study focuses on phonological perception at phonemic level. The purpose of the study ...  Read More

Observation and Feedback of Content Specialists versus General English Teachers: Suggestions to Make Optimal English for Specific Purposes Courses

Sajad Davoudi-Mobarakeh; Abbas Eslami-Rasekh; Hossein Barati

Volume 6, Issue 13 , September 2014, Pages 15-41

  There is a growing interest among the higher education principals and policy makers to improve teacher evaluation methods and more important than that to use the evaluation data. A number of research studies implied the ineffective instruction of ESP courses in Iran (Atai, 2002; Eslami, 2005; Hayati, ...  Read More

Chaos/Complexity Theory and Education

Mansoor Fahim; Fattaneh Abbasi Talabari

Volume 6, Issue 13 , September 2014, Pages 43-56

  Sciences exist to demonstrate the fundamental order underlying nature. Chaos/complexity theory is a novel and amazing field of scientific inquiry. Notions of our everyday experiences are somehow in connection to the laws of nature through chaos/complexity theory’s concerns with the relationships ...  Read More

Clause Complexity in Applied Linguistics Research Article Abstracts by Native and Non-Native English Writers: Taxis, Expansion and Projection

Farahman Farrokhi; Sepideh Ghandkaran-Shotorban

Volume 6, Issue 13 , September 2014, Pages 57-70

  Halliday's Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) has stood the test of time as a model of text analysis. The present literature contains a plethora of studies that while taking the 'clause' as a unit of analysis have put into investigation the metafunctions in research articles of a single field of study ...  Read More

The Role of Educational Context in Influencing EFL Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy Beliefs

Manoochehr Jafarigohar; Amir Valadi

Volume 6, Issue 13 , September 2014, Pages 71-88

  Teachers’ sense of efficacy belief has been introduced as a context-specific construct, but the related literature is not clear on this specificity. This study was an attempt to show how contextual factors influence efficacy beliefs among English language teachers. To this end, thirty Iranian EFL ...  Read More

Investigating the Relatedness of Cloze-Elide Test, Multiple-Choice Cloze Test, and C-test as Measures of Reading Comprehension

Simin Sattarpour; Parviz Ajideh

Volume 6, Issue 13 , September 2014, Pages 89-112

  Reading comprehension ability consists of multiple cognitive processes, and cloze tests have long been claimed to measure this ability as a whole. However, since the introduction of cloze test, different varieties of it have been proposed by the testers. Thus, the present study was an attempt to examine ...  Read More