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Projecting Cultural Identity through Metadiscourse Marking; A Comparison of Persian and English Research Articles

Reza Abdi

Volume 1, Issue 212 , December 2008, Pages 1-15

  Writing projects are socially-situated identities. The rhetorically-loaded aspects of writing, like metadiscourse marking, are more prone to carry such identities. Through analyzing metadiscourse strategies employment in Persian and English (as the lingua franca of academic discourse community) research ...  Read More

An Exploration of Teachers' Beliefs about the Role of Grammar in Iranian High Schools and Private Language Institutes

sasan baleghizadeh; Sepideh Farshchi

Volume 1, Issue 212 , December 2008, Pages 17-38

  This study was an attempt to explore the beliefs of Iranian EFL teachers about the role of grammar in English language teaching in both state schools and private language institutes. Data were collected through a questionnaire developed by Burgess and Etherington (2002), which consisted of 11 main subscales ...  Read More

Textual Metadiscourse Resources in Research Articles

Farahman farrokhi; Somayeh Ashrafi

Volume 1, Issue 212 , December 2008, Pages 39-75

  This study was motivated by three factors, which also contribute to its significance for today’s academic writing. First, research articles are the significant means of communication between the writers all over the world. Second, persuasion and organization are crucial notions in academic writing ...  Read More

Learners’ Evaluation of EFL writing Tasks in Iran’s ESOL Exam Preparation Courses

Mohammad reza Hashemi; Ebrahim Khodadadi; Elham Yazdanmehr

Volume 1, Issue 212 , December 2008, Pages 77-106

  The purpose of this research was to analyze EFL writing tasks in the most popular ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) exam preparation courses in Iran: IELTS, TOEFL, FCE and CAE. Having collected the criteria of writing task appropriateness in light of the process-oriented approach to writing ...  Read More

Corrective Feedback in EFL Classrooms: Learner Negotiation Strategies and Uptake

Reza G.samar; Parvane Shayestefar

Volume 1, Issue 212 , December 2008, Pages 107-134

  This quasi-experimental study examines the extent to which research findings from teacher Corrective Feedbacks (CFs) and SLA concerning the efficiency of Focus-on-Form (FoF) pedagogy is transferable to the context of foreign language learning in Iranian schools. To investigate how "grammar instruction ...  Read More

Iranian ISI and Non-ISI Medical Research Articles in English: A Comparative ESP/EAP Move Analysis

Abbas ali Rezaee; Nasrin Sayfouri

Volume 1, Issue 212 , December 2008, Pages 135-160

  During recent decades publishing articles in academic journals has become a worldwide urge for all members of academia. There is, however, a widespread belief according to which more value is given to the articles published in internationally-recognized, high standard journals. An issue raised in this ...  Read More

On the Efficiency and Adequacy of L2 Instruction and Input

Manijeh Youhanaee; Ahmad Alibabaee

Volume 1, Issue 212 , December 2008, Pages 161-176

  The present study was planned to investigate the efficiency of explicit teaching and adequacy of the L2 learners' exposure to L2 input in academic contexts in Iran. The case at hand was the acquisition of referential, quasi and expletive subject pronouns, as three different types of obligatory subjects ...  Read More