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The Relationship between Extraversion/Introversion and the Use of Strategic Competence in Oral Referential Communication

Musa Ahmadian; HamidReza Yadgari

Volume 2, Issue 222 , December 2010, Pages 1-27

      This study investigates the relationship between extraversion/introversion personality dimension and the use of strategic competence (SC) in oral referential communication by Iranian EFL learners. Referential communication refers to a kind of guided communication in which the referents ...  Read More

Focus on Form Instruction in EFL: Implications for Theory and Practice

Farahman Farrokhi; Fattaneh Abbasi Talabari

Volume 2, Issue 222 , December 2010, Pages 29-47

  Language teachers usually face issues regarding the most effective methods of teaching. Teaching language to nonnative speakers of English involves certain problems and challenges at all levels of instruction. Due to the unsatisfactory results of focus on forms and focus on meaning instructions and their ...  Read More

Foreign Language Education Policies in Iran: Pivotal Macro Considerations

Gholam Reza Kiany; Seyyed-Abdolhamid Mirhosseini; Hossein Navidinia

Volume 2, Issue 222 , December 2010, Pages 49-71

  Foreign Language Education Policy (FLEP) needs to be understood as part of broader educational policies and as situated within overarching social macro plans. In this paper, based on a conception of policy as distinct from goals and objectives, and with a view of the relevant literature, we will present ...  Read More

The Relationship between Rhetorical moves and Lexical Cohesion Patterns; the case of Introduction and Discussion sections of Local and International Research Articles

Reza Khany; Khalil Tazik

Volume 2, Issue 222 , December 2010, Pages 71-95

  Communicative moves and lexical cohesion patterns (LCPs), as mounting evidence shows, are two important indicators in writing and publishing the RAs. However, the interaction between these two crucial elements and the contribution of this interaction to the failure or success of the RAs have not been ...  Read More

The Relationship between Depth and Breadth of Vocabulary Knowledge and Reading Comprehension among Iranian EFL Learners

Saeed Mehrpour; Seyyed Ayatollah Razmjoo; Parvaneh Kian

Volume 2, Issue 222 , December 2010, Pages 97-127

  The current study is an attempt to investigate the particular role learners' vocabulary knowledge plays in their reading comprehension performance. It intends to determine whether breadth and depth of vocabulary knowledge are related to EFL learners' reading comprehension, and to investigate which one ...  Read More

On the Construct Validity of the Reading Section of the University of Tehran English Proficiency Test

Mohammad Salehi

Volume 2, Issue 222 , December 2010, Pages 129-159

  University of Tehran administers a test known as The University of Tehran English Proficiency Test (the UTEPT) to PhD candidates on a yearly basis. By definition, the test can be considered a high-stakes one. The validity of high stakes tests needs to be known (Roever, 2001). As Mesick (1988) maintains, ...  Read More

The Effect of Oral Dialogue Journals on Iranian EFL Learners' Communicative Competence

Elaheh Sotoudehnama; Akram Ramazanzadeh

Volume 2, Issue 222 , December 2010, Pages 161-182

  This study investigated the effect of oral dialogue journals on communicative competence of Iranian EFL learners. Participants of this study were 80 students of two Payam-e-Noor Universities who were proved to be homogenous in the communicative competence based on TSE (Test of Spoken English) interview. ...  Read More