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English language learning
A Comparative Study on Rhetorical Structure of Articles Written by Iranian and English Native Scholars in Business Management

Mohammadreza Ghanbari; Aram Reza Sadeghi

Volume 13, Issue 28 , December 2021, , Pages 95-111


  The most effective means of directing attention to an article in the academic community is to publish it in credential journals, however, writing in English can be challenging for novice writers especially non-native speakers (NNS) of English. Thus, despite the ample research in some fields, there is ...  Read More

Metadiscourse strategies in Persian research articles; Implications for teaching writing English articles

Tohid Siami; Reza Abdi

Volume 4, Issue 9 , December 2012, , Pages 165-176

  In order to develop an understanding of the rhetorical conventions in the Persian language and to find out the metadiscursive cultural norms of Iranian writers in their native language writings, it is necessary to probe into the implicit rhetorical features of academic writing which has so far eluded ...  Read More

Projecting Cultural Identity through Metadiscourse Marking; A Comparison of Persian and English Research Articles

Reza Abdi

Volume 1, Issue 212 , December 2008, , Pages 1-15

  Writing projects are socially-situated identities. The rhetorically-loaded aspects of writing, like metadiscourse marking, are more prone to carry such identities. Through analyzing metadiscourse strategies employment in Persian and English (as the lingua franca of academic discourse community) research ...  Read More