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Avoiding Prolixity in Academic Prose; the Use of Quantity Metadiscourse in Research Articles

Reza Abdi

Volume 3, Issue 7 , December 2011, Pages 1-17

  As part of a wider attempt to bestow the spirit of scholarly prose upon the research articles’ rhetorical structure, academic writers invariably take advantage of quantity metadiscourse markers to avoid prolixity and live up to the implicit and explicit maxims of quantity category as suggested ...  Read More

EGP or ESP Test for Medical Fields of Study

Parviz Ajideh

Volume 3, Issue 7 , December 2011, Pages 19-37

  This study is an attempt to find the relationship between EGP and ESP test in medical field of studies in Iranian context. To do this, four fields of study were randomly selected out of medicine fields. Estimating the mean and standard deviation of the tests, the variance overlap between EGP and ESP ...  Read More

Academic Discipline DIF in an English Language Proficiency Test

Seyyed Mohammad Alavi; Abbas Ali Rezaee; Seyyed Mohammad Reza Amirian

Volume 3, Issue 7 , December 2011, Pages 39-65

  The purpose of this study was to detect differentially functioning items in the University of Tehran English Proficiency Test (UTEPT) which is a high stake test of English developed and administered by the Language Testing Centre of the University of Tehran. This paper is based on the answers of 400 ...  Read More

Authentic or not? A Case Study on the Role of Authenticity in English Language Teaching in Iran

Mahdi Dahmardeh

Volume 3, Issue 7 , December 2011, Pages 67-87

  The present article arises from a three-year cross sectional investigation into English Language Teaching (ELT) in secondary schools in Iran and the role of Communicative Pedagogy within this. The study has examined the extent of communicative pedagogy within the Iranian national ELT curriculum, the ...  Read More

Feuerstein's Theory of Mediation and Its Impact on EFL Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy

Jhaleh Hassaskhah

Volume 3, Issue 7 , December 2011, Pages 89-113

  Earlier self efficacy studies have been blamed for their methodological weakness and their mere reliance on self-report, survey, and correlational techniques for data collection. The purpose of this study; therefore, was to assess the impact of Feuerstein’s theory of mediation on EFL teachers’ ...  Read More

Cross-Linguistic Transfer or Target Language Proficiency: Writing Performance of Trilinguals vs. Bilinguals in Relation to the Interdependence Hypothesis

Sima Modir Khamene

Volume 3, Issue 7 , December 2011, Pages 115-143

  This study explored the nature of transfer among bilingual vs. trilinguals with varying levels of competence in English and their previous languages. The hypotheses were tested in writing tasks designed for 75 high (N= 35) vs. intermediate (N=40) proficient EFL learners with Turkish, Persian, English ...  Read More

Oral Communication Apprehension and Affective Factors: Self-esteem and Introversion/Extroversion

Nasser Rashidi; Mortaza Yamini; Elham Shafiei

Volume 3, Issue 7 , December 2011, Pages 145-174

  The present study intended to propose a causal model of factors that would predict Oral Communication Apprehension (OCA) of Iranian learners of English as a foreign language. To conduct the study, 135 male and female University students majoring in English were selected. Five variables including: learners’self-esteem ...  Read More