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Constructing and Validating a Q-Matrix for Cognitive Diagnostic Analysis of a Reading Comprehension Test Battery

Mohammad Alavi; Fatemeh Ranjbaran

Volume 10, Issue 21 , June 2018, Pages 1-31

  Of paramount importance in the study of cognitive diagnostic assessment (CDA) is the absence of tests developed for small-scale diagnostic purposes. Currently, much of the research carried out has been mainly on large-scale tests, e.g., TOEFL, MELAB, IELTS, etc. Even so, formative language assessment ...  Read More

How Iranian EFL Learners, Persian Native Speakers, and English Native Speakers Attempt to Manage Rapport in Service Encounters

Mohammad Amiryousefi; Reyhaneh Sasaninejhad; Zahra Amirian

Volume 10, Issue 21 , June 2018, Pages 33-57

  This study aims to examine the cross-cultural similarities and differences in the use of rapport management strategies (rapport enhancement, rapport maintenance, rapport neglect, and rapport challenge) in the complaints during service encounters based on Spencer Oatey’s (2008) model. To this end, ...  Read More

The Creation of an Intercultural Learning Experience in EFL Contexts

Parviz Birjandy; Sarvenaz Khatib

Volume 10, Issue 21 , June 2018, Pages 59-82

  The present Study aimed to examine the efficacy of using literary texts in promoting intercultural communication competence, and intercultural awareness and understanding within language teaching contexts. The participants were 50 Iranian undergraduate students of English Literature, 20 male and 30 female, ...  Read More

De-colonizing English Language Education in Iran: The need for Islamic educational heritage

Raziye Fatemi; Sue-san Ghahremani Ghajar; Shahla Bakhtiari

Volume 10, Issue 21 , June 2018, Pages 83-104

  The monopoly of Western ideologies, theories and methods through English language education as well as the marginalization of Islamic values in English language learning materials has caused heated debates and controversies among Muslim TEFL scholars. In a descriptive and interpretive analysis, this ...  Read More

An Applied Linguistics Look at the Linguistic Comparison of Nominal Group Complexity between Two Samples of a Genre

Yaser Hadidi

Volume 10, Issue 21 , June 2018, Pages 105-116

  The roles and effects of changes in syntax on comprehension and processing effort, and the relationships between these two, comprise a large and separate field of inquiry, with the general belief now in place that such changes and variations bring about varied psycholinguistic and discursive implications ...  Read More

The Role of Private Speech Produced by Intermediate EFL Learners in Lexical Language Related Episodes

saeed Ketabi; Ehsan Alijanian; Ahmad Moinzadeh

Volume 10, Issue 21 , June 2018, Pages 117-136

  Private speech utilization is accepted to have a critical role in the continuum of language acquisition. As a valuable device in studying learners’ talk during interaction, a language related episode (LRE) is any part of a dialogue where a student speaks about a language problem s/he comes across ...  Read More

Development and Validation of Teacher Emotional Support Scale: a structural equation modeling approach

Reza Khani; Fian Ghasemi

Volume 10, Issue 21 , June 2018, Pages 137-160

  Reviewing the literature indicated that no validated model was found that examine the extent to which teachers support their students emotionally in EFL classrooms. Therefore the present study elaborated on this issue through developing and validating a teacher emotional support scale in an Iranian English ...  Read More

Global Thoughts, Local Action: a case of comparative EFL teacher education

Mahdi Rajaeenia; Gholam Reza Kiani; Ramin Akbari

Volume 10, Issue 21 , June 2018, Pages 161-183

  Teacher education is deemed to play a critical role in revolutionizing any education system. As a result, pre-service teacher education has received considerable attention in education systems world over. In the context of Iran, the process of teacher education has not been properly implemented and following ...  Read More

The Effect of Extensive Reading on Iranian EFL Learners’ Lexical Bundle Performance: a comparative study of adaptive and authentic texts

Ayatollah Razmjoo; Zahra Montasseri

Volume 10, Issue 21 , June 2018, Pages 185-204

  Formulaic language and sequence as the core characteristic of real-life language and native-like fluency, has been a subject of inquiry in recent decades. The aim of the present study is to investigate the effects of two extensive reading text types, i.e., adaptive and authentic, on Iranian EFL learners’ ...  Read More

The Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence, Multiple Intelligences, and Language Learning Strategies

Zohreh Babazadeh; Elaheh Sotoudehnama; Zohreh Nafissi

Volume 10, Issue 21 , June 2018, Pages 205-222

  This study is an attempt to extend our current knowledge by exploring the relationship between spiritual intelligence (SI) and multiple intelligences (MI) on one hand and the relationship between spiritual intelligence and language learning strategies (LLS) on the other hand among 30 MA TEFL learners ...  Read More