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Do Iranians and Americans Congratulate their Friends Differently on their Birthdays on Facebook? A Case for Intercultural Studies

Ali Jahangard; Neda Khanlarzade; Ashkan Latifi

Volume 8, Issue 18 , December 2016, , Pages 123-143

  Cross-cultural analyses of speech acts are among the hot topics in contrastive studies and up to now various researchers have explored this very issue. Despite the ample studies in this field, the speech act of congratulation, especially the subject of ‘birthday congratulation’ remains untouched. ...  Read More

Perceived Pragmatic Transferability of Persian L1 Refusal Strategies

Ali Akbar Ansarin; Mahsa Mohammadpour Yaghiny

Volume 6, Issue 14 , December 2014, , Pages 19-36

  Investigating transfer of one’s pragmatic knowledge of first language to his second or foreign language has been one of the areas of interest for researchers. However, there are contradictory results even within the scarce studies which have addressed transferability. This study was an attempt ...  Read More

Pragmatics Effect on English Writing Ability among High School Students

اسماعیل فقیه; محمدجواد انصاری

Volume 5, Issue 11 , November 2013, , Pages 31-52

  The purpose of this study is to find a practical solution for improving writing skill among Iranian high school learners of EFL. The main question was whether pragmatics had any priority over traditional methods in improving writing or not.  Forty high school students were selected on the basis ...  Read More