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English language teaching
Effects of Virtual Instruction on the Speaking Accuracy of Iranian High School English Learners with Varied Personality Traits during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sedigheh Vahdat; Amir Mashhadi; Iman Ghasemi Adivi

Volume 15, Issue 31 , July 2023, , Pages 94-112


  This study examined the effects of virtual English instruction via the Iranian Student Education Network (SHAD) on the speaking accuracy of Iranian high school English learners with varied personality traits during the COVID-19 pandemic. The participants (n = 54) completed the Quick Oxford Placement ...  Read More

English language learning
Iraqi EFL Learners’ Preferences and Readiness for Mobile Learning in Higher Education during COVID-19 Pandemic

Amir Mashhadi; Abbas Al Suraifi; Ahmed Kadhum Fahad

Volume 14, Issue 30 , November 2022, , Pages 351-365


  The expansion of mobile wireless technology into education in recent decades has offered an incredible opportunity to design learning differently and to enhance students' learning experiences that extend beyond the typical teacher-led classrooms. Following the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent ...  Read More

Transforming textual meaning during the revision process of research articles written by Iranian scholars

Mahmood Maniati; Alireza Jalilifar; Amir Mashhadi; Mahmood Validy

Volume 12, Issue 25 , June 2020, , Pages 191-222


  Publishing in English has brought about great difficulties for scholars whose first language is not English. After submitting their manuscripts to English-language journals, they usually receive comments from the reviewers on the quality of their English. One of these challenges is how links and transitions ...  Read More