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English language learning
An Overview of Digital Games Research and Practice for Learning: A Need to have (L)MOOC for DGBL(L) (Research Article)

Farahman Farrokhi; Aylar Fallah Vazirabad

Volume 13, Issue 27 , June 2021, , Pages 193-213


  Developing, exploring and standardizing digital game based learning for EFL and English for Specific Purposes (ESP), requires a thorough understanding of learning context, gaming elements, ludical manners, as well as features of virtual reality in a real-life and career like setting. Unlike some traditional ...  Read More

Clause Complexity in Applied Linguistics Research Article Abstracts by Native and Non-Native English Writers: Taxis, Expansion and Projection

Farahman Farrokhi; Sepideh Ghandkaran shotorban

Volume 6, Issue 13 , September 2014, , Pages 57-70

  Halliday’s Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) has stood the test of time as a model of text analysis. The present literature contains a plethora of studies that while taking the ‘clause’ as a unit of analysis have put into investigation the metafunctions in research articles of a ...  Read More

Focus on Form Instruction in EFL: Iimplications for Theory and Practice

Farahman Farrokhi; Fattaneh Abbasi Talabari

Volume 2, Issue 222 , December 2010, , Pages 29-47

  Language teachers usually face issues regarding the most effective methods of teaching. Teaching language to nonnative speakers of English involves certain problems and challenges at all levels of instruction. Due to the unsatisfactory results of focus on forms and focus on meaning instructions and their ...  Read More