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Collaborative podcasting and its Effect on English Vocabulary Learning and Retention

vahid reza mirzaeian

Volume 12, Issue 25 , June 2020, , Pages 223-237


  This paper reports an attempt to see if podcasting can be a valuable tool to improve English vocabulary learning and retention of Persian university students compared with traditional method of vocabulary teaching. Students have been randomly divided into two groups namely experimental and control group. ...  Read More

The Effect of Mnemonic Key Word Method on Vocabulary Learning and Long Term Retention

Mohammad Ahmadi Safa; Raouf Hamzavi

Volume 5, Issue 12 , December 2013, , Pages 1-15

  Most of the studies on the key word method of second/foreign language vocabulary learning have been based on the evidence from laboratory experiments and have primarily involved the use of English key words to learn the vocabularies of other languages. Furthermore, comparatively quite limited number ...  Read More

The Effect of Using Word Clouds on EFL Students’ Long- Term Vocabulary Retention

MohammadHadi Mahmoudi; Taj Bİbi Talang

Volume 5, Issue 11 , November 2013, , Pages 73-106

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ...  Read More

The Relationship between Depth and Breadth of Vocabulary Knowledge and Reading Comprehension among Iranian EFL Learners

Saeed Mehrpour; Seyyed Ayatollah Razmjoo; Parvaneh Kian

Volume 2, Issue 222 , December 2010, , Pages 97-127

  The current study is an attempt to investigate the particular role learners' vocabulary knowledge plays in their reading comprehension performance. It intends to determine whether breadth and depth of vocabulary knowledge are related to EFL learners' reading comprehension, and to investigate which one ...  Read More