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English language teaching
Iranian EFL Academics’ and PhD Candidates’ Perceptions toward the Infusion of Critical Thinking into EFL Curriculum

Maryam Soleimani; Zahra Aghazadeh

Volume 16, Issue 33 , June 2024, , Pages 298-315


  Critical thinking (CT) abilities have failed to receive the necessary consideration in applied linguistics. Thus, this study was intended to explore English as a Foreign Language (EFL) academics and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidates’ perceptions of embedding CT into the EFL curricula in Iran. ...  Read More

English language teaching
Critical Thinking as an Essential Factor in EFL Teacher Educators’ Professional Development: a Transformative Learning Paradigm

Jalil Yazdankhah; Bahram Behin; Mohammad Hossein Yousefi; Hassan Asadollahfam

Volume 14, Issue 30 , November 2022, , Pages 194-208


  The present qualitative research sought to investigate EFL teacher educators’ experiences and attitudes toward critical thinking and its role in teacher professional development. The adopted design was a case study and the theoretical framework was the theory of transformative learning (Mezirow, ...  Read More

English language teaching
Comparative Effects of Different Situated-Learning Translation Training Practices on Students' Legal Translation Quality, Critical Thinking, and Problem-solving Strategies (Research Article)

Ghazal Shooshtarizadeh; Manoochehr Jafarigohar; Hooshang Khoshsima; Hassan Soleimani

Volume 13, Issue 27 , June 2021, , Pages 359-388


  Situated-learning translation training approach has been proven to be an efficacious translation training approach in cultivating translators' long-life learning, translation competence as well as translator competence. However, previous studies have mainly delved into the effect of simply one single ...  Read More

Critical Thinking, Writing Strategy Use, L2 Writing Anxiety and L2 Writing Performance: What are the Relations?

Elahe Saedpanah; Mohammad Hadi Mahmoodi

Volume 12, Issue 25 , June 2020, , Pages 239-267


  AbstractThe present study examined relationships among critical thinking, writing strategy use, second/foreign language (L2) writing anxiety, and L2 writing performance of Iranian English as a foreign language (EFL) learners. To this end, 100 homogenized EFL learners (57 female learners and 43 male learners) ...  Read More

The Creation of an Intercultural Learning Experience in EFL Contexts

Parviz Birjandy; Sarvenaz Khatib

Volume 10, Issue 21 , June 2018, , Pages 59-82

  The present Study aimed to examine the efficacy of using literary texts in promoting intercultural communication competence, and intercultural awareness and understanding within language teaching contexts. The participants were 50 Iranian undergraduate students of English Literature, 20 male and 30 female, ...  Read More

The Effect of Teaching Critical Thinking Skills on the Language Learning Strategy Use of EFL Learners across Different EQ Levels

Mohammad Hadi Mahmoodi; Maliheh DehghanNezhad

Volume 7, Issue 16 , December 2015, , Pages 55-84

  The present study was conducted to investigate how EFL learners with distinct levels of emotional intelligence might benefit from Critical Thinking-based instruction and use different language learning strategies. A further concern of this study was to investigate the relationship among critical thinking, ...  Read More