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English language teaching
The Effect of Explicit Pragmatic Instruction on EFL Students' Production of Speech Acts: Pragmalinguistic vs. Sociopragmatic Errors in Focus

Alyaa Alkawaz; Mahmoud Afrouz; Daryush Nejadansari; Azizollah Dabaghi

Volume 15, Issue 31 , July 2023, , Pages 1-17


  L2 learners' pragmatic development could be manifested by their proper speech act production. Due to the existing differences among languages, errors in speech act realization are inevitable. Employing well-established teaching methods could help L2 learners overcome their problems in speech act production. ...  Read More

English language teaching
Can Working Memory Be Trained through Learning an Additional Language? the effects of TPR versus PPP

Maryam Ranjbar; Azizollah Dabaghi Varnosfadrani; Mohammad Taghi Shahnazari Dorcheh

Volume 14, Issue 30 , November 2022, , Pages 300-315


  Given the seemingly important link between children’s working memory (WM) and their scholastic performance, it would be a worthwhile research enquiry to explore language learning as one potential way to improve WM. To this end, the present study examined the impact of two language teaching paradigms, ...  Read More

Professional Identity and Teaching Quality: The case of Iranian EFL teachers

Azade Labbaf; Ahmad Moinzadeh; Azizollah Dabaghi

Volume 11, Issue 24 , December 2019, , Pages 201-225

  This paper reports on the findings of a research aimed at exploring the professional identity (PI) of English as Foreign Language (EFL) teacher in Iran. The research further examined the extent to which the identified PI factors affect their teaching quality. The authors argue that earlier classification ...  Read More