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Ideologies in the Imported English Textbooks: EFL learners and Teachers’ Awareness and Attitude

Esmaeel Abdollahzadeh; Somayeh Baniasad

Volume 2, Issue 217 , October 2010, Pages 1-17

  imported instructional English textbooks in Iran and the learners’ attitudes towards English. Further, the instructors’ awareness of these ideologies was examined through a questionnaire. To find the ideological values, a content analysis of conversations, texts, and  pictorial prompts ...  Read More

A Study of Reading Strategies Using Task-Based Strategy Assessment

Ali mohammad fazilatfar

Volume 2, Issue 217 , October 2010, Pages 19-44

  In the present study, an exploratory approach (Oxford, Cho, Leung & Kim, 2004) to language learning is adopted which holds that the number and type of strategies used by Iranian learners might vary with respect to the difficulty of task and their L2 proficiency. In this regard, the term task is defined, ...  Read More

Learners' Self-efficacy in Reading and its relation to Foreign Language Reading Anxiety and Reading Achievement

Behzad Ghonsooly; Majid Elahi

Volume 2, Issue 217 , October 2010, Pages 45-68

  It is well documented that language learning success or failure is influenced by the affective side of the learner. Self-efficacy and anxiety are among the affective factors influencing language learning. This study first explores the relationship between EFL learners' self-efficacy in reading comprehension ...  Read More

Optimality Theoretic Account of Acquisition of Consonant Clusters of English Syllables by Persian EFL Learners

Ali Akbar Jabbari; Leila Arghavan

Volume 2, Issue 217 , October 2010, Pages 69-109

  This study accounts for the acquisition of the consonant clusters of English syllable structures both in onset and coda positions by Persian EFL learners. Persian syllable structure is "CV(CC)", composed of one consonant at the initial position and two optional consonants at the final position; whereas ...  Read More

Incidental Vocabulary Learning Through Comprehension-Focused Reading of Short Stories*

Naser Rashidi; Amir Ganbari Adivi

Volume 2, Issue 217 , October 2010, Pages 111-129

  This study investigated the amount of incidental vocabulary learning through comprehension-focused reading of short stories and explicit instruction to this goal.  Forty male high school students were selected randomly, and divided into two groups of twenty.  One group of these students was ...  Read More

Cloze validation against IELTS Reading Paper: Doubts on correlational validation

Karim Sadeghi

Volume 2, Issue 217 , October 2010, Pages 131-154

  Cloze was officially introduced in a journal on Journalism as a technique for estimating text readability and as "a new psychological tool for measuring the effectiveness of communication" (Taylor, 1953: 415). Different varieties of cloze have since been developed and experimented upon as measures of ...  Read More

Ethnomethodology and Conversational Analysis

Mohammad Ali Torabi

Volume 2, Issue 217 , October 2010, Pages 155-165

  In a speech community, people utilize their communicative competence which they have acquired from their society as part of their distinctive sociolinguistic identity. They negotiate and share meanings, because they have commonsense knowledge about the world, and have universal practical reasoning. Their ...  Read More