Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of English, Faculty of Foreign Languages University of Isfahan, Iran

2 Assistant Professor of TEFL, University of Isfahan

3 Department of English and Center for Cognitive Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Zagreb, Croatia

4 Department of English, Faculty of Foreign Languages University of Isfahan


This study aimed to investigate the influence of a gamification-enhanced language classroom within the context of Moodle in promoting extrinsic and intrinsic motivational attributes of language learners. A total of 220 language learners from different universities in Iran were recruited as the participants and randomly assigned to the gamification-enhanced (n= 114) and control groups (n= 106). Over the eight weeks of treatment, the experimental group members were taught using various gamified tasks and activities through the gamified Moodle LMS. A motivational orientation scale was administered before and after the intervention. The results of ANCOVAs demonstrated a significant boost in the extrinsic motivation of language learners, including external, introjected, and identified regulation. Furthermore, the study confirmed that the integration of gamification has resulted in a higher level of intrinsic motivation for the participants in the areas of knowledge, accomplishment, and stimulation.The relevant pedagogical implications and directions for future studies are discussed.


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