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Manifestations of Key-Word Terms in ELT Research Publications: Are We Not Tuned to Genuine, Art-based Qualitative Lines of Inquiry Yet?

marjan vosughi; Zohreh Nafissi

Volume 12, Issue 26 , November 2020, , Pages 263-302


  Stated key words after the abstract section in research articles are among those lines of inquiry which have received less attention in Applied Linguists (AL) studies. In this paper, the researcher explored the distribution of stated key terms and expressions as used by 73 researchers in AL domains in ...  Read More

Mapping Different Culturally Oriented Texts over EFL Learners’ Reading Indices via Project-Based Learning

Zohreh Nafissi; Farnoosh Karimi; Marjan Vosoughi

Volume 12, Issue 25 , June 2020, , Pages 343-381


  The present article made attempts to examine the implementation of diverse culturally-loaded materials among some EFL university students to see their impact on foreign language reading anxiety, reading comprehension self-efficacy and reading proficiency of the learners via two constructed teaching schemes ...  Read More

The Hunches a Language Teacher Lives by in an Action Research: Revelations of an L2 Writing Teacher

sue-san Ghahremani Ghajar; Atefeh Navarchi; Marjan Vosoughi

Volume 8, Issue 18 , December 2016, , Pages 87-122

  The researchers in this study aimed to demonstrate how impossible it could be for a language teacher to take fixed, systematic routes of action in recent Action Research designs. This was instantiated in an L2 (here, English) 'essay writing' course among some Persian speaker university students majoring ...  Read More