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  • Important Notes:
    Dear author;
    • Be careful in choosing (responsible author). The responsible author is the only one who has access to the article information and correspondence in the process of submitting to the publication of the article.
    • Enter the information of the article accurately and completely. After sending the article until it is published, it is not possible to edit, add or delete the information.
    • Enter the names and complete affiliation of all authors with academic rank, department, name of university, city, country in the table of authors.
    • It is necessary to enter the full title, short title, abstract and keywords ​​without spelling mistakes.
    • The only format allowed to send the files is DOCS.
    • To submit an article, you must press the submit button on the last page; If the key is not activated, read the last page error message and after correcting, press the submit key again.
    • Please refrain from entering your name and profile in the title, abstracts or keywords columns in the main file and do not choose a name for the file related to your personal information. Otherwise, the article will be removed from the review process.
    • When submitting a new article, please enter the name, position, academic rank, e-mail and contact number of all authors in the authors section in order of responsibility, and also upload it in a separate file titled the authors profile file along with the name of the corresponding author.
    • Articles of master’s and doctoral students and graduates should include the name of the supervisor(s) (in dissertation articles) and a faculty member in case of an independent article.
    • The authors are kindly required to mention if their article has been deduced from thesis, dissertation or research project.