Document Type : Research Paper


1 official English teacher and instructor

2 arak university


This paper probed the role of language, emotion, and culture simultaneously in intercultural communication for the first time in Iran. One hundred Iranian language teachers were chosen through convenience sampling and their language proficiency and ICC levels were specified by using Oxford Placement Test (OPT) and intercultural communicative competence (ICC) questionnaire. Then, the researchers used exploratory factor analysis(EFA) to classify ICC questions under language, emotion, and culture categories. After classifying the questions, the researchers used confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), standard solution coefficient, standard path coefficient, T value, and Sobel formula to analyze the collected data from the ICC questionnaire based on participants' answers. The results revealed that language, culture, and emotion are the main macro-elements of intercultural communication. Also, it is shown that language was the most important need and macro-element in intercultural communication and then the second and third place went to culture and emotion respectively. It is found that emotion acted as a mediator variable between language and culture and there is a relation between language, culture, and emotion, too. This study is of high importance for language teachers, curriculum designers, textbook writers, intercultural experts, cultural psychologists.


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