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A Visual Analysis of English Language Textbooks: Celebrities’ Role as Cultural Figures

Esmat Babaii; Mahmood Reza Atai; Abbas Parsazadeh

Volume 11, Issue 24 , December 2019, , Pages 55-78

  This paper seeks to probe cultural agendas pertaining to the images of celebrities in the widely-used English language textbooks. In fact, while visual analysis has solidified its position in ELT (e.g. Hurst, 2014; Mitsikopoulou, 2015; Romney, 2012; Taylor-Mendes, 2009) and caused the pendulum to swing ...  Read More

Visual Representation of Culture in a Locally Developed EFL Series

Mahdieh Mofidi; Mohammad Reza Hashemi

Volume 11, Issue 23 , June 2019, , Pages 157-187

  The purpose of the current study was to investigate culture representation in ACT series, a recently developed EFL textbook by Iran Language Institute, with a focus on the visuals. Two models were taken into account for content analysis: Cortazzi and Jin (1990) to investigate the type of culture (i.e., ...  Read More

Contribution to Mobile-Enhanced English Language Pedagogy among Iranian L2 Learners

Saeed Khazaie; Gholam Reza Zarei; Ali Reza Jalilifar

Volume 5, Issue 12 , December 2013, , Pages 63-92

  This study aimed at providing learners with an opportunity not only to bring together their core and disciplinary knowledge to acquire major skills of learning English as a foreign language (EFL), and the intellectual challenge of these issues at the interface of media, language and religion, but also ...  Read More

Projecting Cultural Identity through Metadiscourse Marking; A Comparison of Persian and English Research Articles

Reza Abdi

Volume 1, Issue 212 , December 2008, , Pages 1-15

  Writing projects are socially-situated identities. The rhetorically-loaded aspects of writing, like metadiscourse marking, are more prone to carry such identities. Through analyzing metadiscourse strategies employment in Persian and English (as the lingua franca of academic discourse community) research ...  Read More