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L2 Writers’ Processing of Teacher vs. Computer-generated Feedback

Shiva Kaivanpanah; Mohammad Alavi; Rose Meschi

Volume 12, Issue 26 , November 2020, , Pages 175-215


  Writing is thought as the most complicated skill in second language acquisition; therefore, L2 researchers have always been in pursuit of discovering an effective approach to improve it. One of the most debated ways is feedback which has a key role in improving the quality of writing. Much of the previous ...  Read More

The Effect of Task Type on Autonomous EFL Learners’ Interactive Negotiations in a Text-based Synchronous Computer-mediated Context

Ali Akbar Khomeijani Farahani; Shiva Kaivanpanah; Zainab Sadat Naseri

Volume 11, Issue 24 , December 2019, , Pages 177-200

  The importance of communicative ability in second language classroom context has increased the interest in interaction among foreign language learners. The quality of negotiations is influenced by so many factors that should be investigated in order to facilitate the process of second language acquisition. ...  Read More

A Comparative Study of Writing Assessment Using Activity Theory-Based Assessment Model (ATBAM) and a Traditional Approach

Mohammad Alavi; Shiva Kaivanpanah; Fatemeh Danesh

Volume 11, Issue 23 , June 2019, , Pages 1-25

  Assessment of writing skill is generally believed to be judged by a rater subjectively and qualitatively or by using analytic scoring rubrics which can potentially result in somehow not very reliable assessment. It seems that an evaluation of writing based on a model can result in a valid and reliable ...  Read More